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Explore an unparalleled realm of cooling innovations at Siddham Coolers, your foremost choice for top-notch desert coolers, air coolers, and fiber coolers. With a legacy of excellence, Siddham Coolers is an esteemed cooler manufacturer in Udaipur, Rajasthan, dedicated to transforming your cooling experience.


    Best Cooler Manufacturer in Udaipur Rajasthan


    Air cooling improves the quality of air and ensures a comfortable working environment that leads to substantial increase in productivity.

    Energy Efficient

    Low Maintenance

    Coaster Mobility

    Honeycomb Pad

    High Air Throw.

    What Makes Siddham Coolers, The Best Cooler Manufacturer in Rajasthan?

    Design and Cutting-Edge Cooling Technology

    We stay ahead with our coolers that seamlessly blend innovative design with cutting-edge cooling technology. As one of the best cooler manufacturers in Rajasthan, Siddham Coolers constantly pushes boundaries to bring you the latest advancements in the cooling industry.

    Quality Craftsmanship and Materials

    Experience cooling solutions crafted with precision and care. Siddham Coolers employs top-notch materials to ensure durability and reliability, delivering products that withstand the test of time.

    Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

    Your satisfaction is our mission. As the leading cooler manufacturer in Udaipur, Rajasthan, Siddham Coolers is dedicated to ensuring exceptional customer service from product selection to after-sales support. Trust us to make your cooling experience seamless and satisfying.

    Electricity Saving Technology

    At Siddham Coolers our coolers are equipped with electricity-saving technology, providing you with efficient cooling without any compromising on performance. So our valued customers can enjoy cooling and comfortable while being mindful of their energy consumption .

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, you can order our coolers in bulk. The process of placing a bulk order is simple. Head to our website and go to the bulk inquiry section: Bulk Inquiry!

    You will be asked to fill out a form with your details on this page. Become a part of the Siddham family and extend our vision of providing design-led cooling solutions to customers.

    Yes, we offer customization options for our coolers as per our customer’s specific requirements. Customers are of utmost priority to us, so we offer customization options to accommodate the diverse needs of our customers. 

    As the best air cooler manufacturer in Udaipur Rajasthan, we can adjust the size, color, cooling, and capacity. For more information regarding this you can connect with our team: Contact Now!

    Please let us know your customization details so we can help you find the right product. With the proper customization, you can optimize our product for its intended use and environment, whether for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes.

    Siddham Coolers set itself apart from other cooler manufacturers in Rajasthan with innovative designs. We focus on the quality of handiwork over pushing out quantity. We give more value to customer satisfaction. Our teams work to prioritize energy efficiency and provide the product that fits your needs. Despite the premium quality, you will always find our coolers at competitive pricing. 

    We are the number one desert cooler manufacturer in Rajasthan, contributing to the local economy and community. Our product went through multiple quality checks which has made Siddham Coolers a trusted and reliable choice in the market.

    At Siddham Coolers, we supply coolers to our customers all over India, but our primarily focused regions are Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh. As our coolers move into homes and businesses across the country, it is our priority to ensure that our products are readily available and accessible in all regions. Our focus is to deliver the best cooling solutions to our all customers all over India, we aim to provide innovative and reliable cooling solutions that suit the needs of every customer.

    Yes, Siddham Coolers accepts single-unit orders. We cater to every type of market and are not exclusive to wholesalers. Whether you're looking for air coolers, a small room cooling solution, or something for a dining space, we have all the options under one roof. 

    With our cutting-edge technology and innovative designs, we have earned the trust of our many customers and proved ourselves to be the best fiber cooler manufacturer in Rajasthan.

    From small coolers perfect for rooms to large coolers for a huge space, Siddham Coolers caters to individual preferences. We ensure every customer enjoys efficient and stylish cooling in their homes.

    To get in touch with Siddham Coolers, you just need to visit the below contact link and fill in all the required information, and our service representative will reach you shortly to resolve your query.  You can also email us at Ensure to make the email as detailed as possible so we can help you with your issues and also include your contact number so we can connect more quickly.

    Contact Now!

    We stand by the quality of our products. Siddham Coolers come with a one-season warranty, providing you with peace of mind and assurance of our commitment to delivering reliable and durable cooling solutions.

    We are committed to providing the best after-sales support to our all customers, we offer installation and setup assistance to ensure the best overall performance. In case of any problems or queries, customers can contact our customer service team by clicking the below button and filling in all required details.

    Contact Now!

    We strive to provide the best after-sales support to enhance the overall experience of our customers, proving our excellence in work and building trust in the hearts of our customers

    Yes, Siddham Coolers offers a warranty for the motor and pump in its coolers and the warranty period may be one season or two depending on the model you purchase.

    In the event of a warranty claim, Siddham Coolers’ customer service team is available to assist customers. The warranty options show Siddham Coolers’ dedication to buyer satisfaction, reinforcing the consideration and reliability of their coolers.

    At Siddham Coolers the minimum quantity for bulk orders is 10 pcs, which allows the buyers with less budget to place bulk orders.

    At Siddham Coolers all products are ready to ship this shows their dedication to buyer satisfaction and time management. Delivery duration may depend upon your location but at Siddham Coolers we always make sure to give our best, so we always provide the best shipping service to avoid any product damage or time loss.